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South Seas Spas are built to the same world-class standards of quality May Manufacturing is world renowned for.  The Deluxe and Standard spas are as unflinching in quality as they are in efficiency.   These spas are chosen and purchased by some of the most discriminating buyers because of the aesthetic appeal and attractive features not found in other spas.  Designed with an ideal combination of innovative engineering and artistry, South Seas Spas are in a class of their own.

South Seas Spas Deluxe Class

530 L
South Seas 530L

627 C
South Seas 627 B

627 M

South Seas 627 R

743 D
South Seas 743D

746 B
South Seas 746B

746 L
South Seas 746 L

South Seas Spas Standard Class

518 P

South Seas 518 B

518 L
South Seas 518 L

617 C
South Seas 617 B

726 D
South Seas 726 D

726 L
South Seas 726 L

726 B
South Seas 726 B

832 L
South Seas 832 L
832 B
South Seas 832 B

South Seas Spas Standard Class

Quail Ridge

Dove Canyon

Piper Glen
Pelican Bay

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Some of the most discriminating consumers choose and buy Island Spas by Artesian because of the very evident aesthetic appeal and attractive features of the spas in this line. But this competitively priced spa line does not compromise functionality for beauty. Built to the same world-class standards of quality — by the same gifted hands — that bring the Platinum Elite spas to market, the Island is as constant in quality as it is in curb appeal. However, the expert craftsmanship and stunning design are not the only compelling aspects of the Island Spa. This spa line is built to deliver robust and meaningful therapy, performing consistently at the top of its class. What’s more, with the Island line, each spa is uniquely crafted to meet your specific needs and cater to your demanding tastes, while always finding a way to accommodate your budget. We are committed to building the highest performing, best-looking, greatest-value spas available. Ranging from 30 to 75 jets and everywhere in-between, with outstanding and attractive options such as the Cascade water feature or the dynamic DynaBrite™ LED light system, each Island can be a one-of-a-kind, personalized retreat. You get to pick the Island spa that perfectly fits your needs. So, you can relax in an Island of your own.

Grand Cayman
Hot Tub Artesian Spas Grand Cayman
Grand Bahama
Hot Tub Artesian Spas Grand Bahama
Hot Tub Artesian Spas Bimini

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